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Cryptography Discovery in the Federal Government: A Complex Challenge with a Simple Solution

Apple's recent announcement of a new Post-Quantum cryptographic protocol highlights the urgency for secure communications in the face of emerging quantum computing threats. While the private sector may have the agility to implement these changes quickly, the federal government faces unique challenges. The Cryptographic Discovery Conundrum One of the most significant hurdles in transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptography within federal agencies is the Discovery phase. This involves: Complex Environments: Federal agencies operate vast, interconnected systems with decades of legacy technology. Cryptographic…
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Tychon Launches Newest Agentless Release 

In September 2023, Tychon released the latest set of enhancements for its Tychon Agentless product. This release includes new and improved Master Endpoint Record data and dashboards, as well as Linux endpoint support.  TYCHON Agentless is a lightweight delivery of TYCHON content designed to gather valuable endpoint information that integrates easily into existing data management resources, like a SIEM, with no new infrastructure. In this newest release, Tychon enhanced its Agentless product to capture the most extensive Master Endpoint Record…
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Tychon’s President Eric P. Whittleton on Post-Quantum Cryptography Readiness

Q: What is Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) readiness? A: Public Key Cryptography (Asymmetric) is the way computers create an initial trust to pass secrets. Almost all systems today use Asymmetric encryption based on algorithms, using a combination of large prime numbers to create public and private keys. This method is easy to compute but hard to reverse engineer. In 1994, mathematician Peter Shor created his famous algorithm. The Shor algorithm introduced a method of efficient factorization which made it possible to…
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Top 5 Myths about Nonprofit Cybersecurity

Learn how Tychon debunks these common myths that cause nonprofits to ignore cybersecurity and how Tychon can help you take simple steps to begin protecting your organization today! Myth #1: I’m so small I don’t need to worry about cybersecurity. Even the smallest nonprofit organizations are potential cyber targets. Hackers have methods to monetize all stored data (emails, phone numbers, etc.) and use it to orchestrate an attack on your network. Myth #2: My nonprofit doesn’t store credit card data,…
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Tychon launches newest release –

In spring of 2023, Tychon delivered its latest set of enhancements in TYCHON Version This release includes powerful new features like TYCHON Auto Trace, which enables users to automatically trigger trace investigations based on customizable events; TYCHON Interactive Console, a new feature that enables users to instantly interact with systems for hunting and troubleshooting; and Content Tags, which provides a method to logically group questions and patches to enhance management control and security. In addition, in this release, Tychon…
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Pros and Cons of Low-code in Cybersecurity

Low-code platforms offer a wealth of advantages to the cybersecurity realm but also bring new challenges and obstacles. Joe Peruzzi, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Tychon, explains how to identify and overcome low-code risks so DoD environments can take full advantage of its flexibility and cost savings. Read the full article here
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TYCHON Version – Enhanced Trace, Advanced Reporting, and More

In January 2023, Tychon launched our latest release - TYCHON Version This release includes powerful features like TYCHON’s new and improved Content Utility Tool. Use the simple step-by-step wizard to build patch packages based on known vulnerabilities. In this release, TYCHON further enhanced its Trace feature, now enabling users to request historical information from the TYCHON journal. To assist with advanced reporting and data analytics, TYCHON now provides the ability to export an entire index. In addition to…
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TYCHON – Enhanced Trace Monitoring, Rapid File Distribution, and More

In October 2022, Tychon launched the latest set of enhancements for its Endpoint Analytics and Remediation Platform – TYCHON Version This release includes new features such as enhanced trace monitoring, rapid file distribution, and more. Trace is a TYCHON feature that allows users to monitor endpoint system activity, including file events, DNS events, registry events, and more. In this release, TYCHON improved the Trace user interface, providing an easy to use configuration menu accessible from the Response Action screen.…
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TYCHON – Digital Signatures, TYCHON Utilities, and more

This month Tychon will deliver the latest set of enhancements for its Endpoint Analytics and Remediation Platform – TYCHON Version This release features security enhancements such as Digital Signatures, powerful new TYCHON tools, performance improvements, and more. Digital Signatures is a new optional feature which allows customers to sign content with a certificate prior to enterprise use. This new security precaution verifies all new scripts are pre-approved for production and helps prevent any accidental or malicious activity. The TYCHON…
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TYCHON Release – May 2021

This month TYCHON will release the latest update to its powerful Enterprise Endpoint Management Platform – TYCHON Version With this new release comes a wealth of new features, including usability enhancements such as: follow up questions, file transfers, and more detailed question tracking, as well as expanded performance enhancements. Follow up questions will enable our users to target results and further investigate endpoint activity with ease. File transfers is the ability to remotely pull files off connected endpoints via…
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