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The City's Brain-Data center in the City.the high view from cooling equipment and network servers racks with light,3D physically rending high quality.the City image of the background,shoot in Osaka Downtown,Japan with myself.

Tychon Formally Launches; Introduces Integrated Systems Management and Security Optimization Solution

November 1, 2016

Tychon, a company dedicated to unifying security and IT operations, today announced its formal launch and general availability of the Tychon product suite, a best-in-class security optimization and systems management solution built by operators for operators. Tychon empowers operators with instant visibility and control of their endpoints, and eliminates the classic “IT vs. security” separation…

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Applying Good Cyber Hygiene while Reducing the Attack Surface

March 1, 2017

A good portion of the software and hardware running on or within today’s computer networks is driven by convenience, flexibility and compatibility. The reality is that these features tend to take precedence over everything else, which might seem like a boon for users. But unless an organization can monitor and control all of the apps...

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