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Tychon is a solution that unifies the IT and security silos of enterprise environments. Out of the box and custom queries provide operators with data that is seconds old, enabling them to tackle challenging tasks in a fraction of the time.

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Point. Click. Resolve.

Empower the security analyst or systems management team with the ability to target individuals, groups, or the entire enterprise and provide one-click action response.

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Detection and response. Simply done better.

Pre-built dashboards, queries, and on-demand actions, empower your analysts to identify, scope, and resolve incidents in minutes versus hours and days. Harden the enterprise and minimize time from breach to response.

Address the Fundamentals:

Patching. Secure Configurations. Minimized Attack Surface.

Countless solutions organizations still fail at patching, enforcing secure configurations, and removing unneeded software from their environments.

Built for value. Across the enterprise.

Asset management made easy. Operators can have real-time visibility of all hardware and software assets on the network and make informed decisions that have immediate impact.

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Our experts are ready to provide you with an in-depth overview of the platform in just 30 minutes. Migrations, virtualization, security optimization…what do you want to accomplish? Let us show you what the Tychon endpoint management platform can do for your enterprise.

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Our evaluation process is simple. The Tychon endpoint management platform sets up and deploys into your environment rapidly by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Use Tychon to manage your assets and security for 90 days, on us.

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Straight from the front line. Our experience is your advantage.

Tychon’s endpoint management platform was created by former Cyber Defense Operators in the DoD to help address many of the operational and scalability challenges that are routinely faced with protecting DoD networks.

Tychon was built by operators with an emphasis on simplicity of operation and real value in time savings.

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