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This month Tychon will deliver the latest set of enhancements for its Endpoint Analytics and Remediation Platform – TYCHON Version This release features security enhancements such as Digital Signatures, powerful new TYCHON tools, performance improvements, and more.

Digital Signatures is a new optional feature which allows customers to sign content with a certificate prior to enterprise use. This new security precaution verifies all new scripts are pre-approved for production and helps prevent any accidental or malicious activity.

The TYCHON Utility Suite is a new standalone utility package designed to enhance TYCHON functionality. These tools provide the ability to build patch packages based on known vulnerabilities, digitally sign content, and more. The tool is available for download via the TYCHON Rapid Query user interface.

In addition, TYCHON is compatible with Elastic Version 7.14, includes enhanced user roles and permissions, and more. To learn more about TYCHON Version, visit our company website or contact us directly at