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In September 2023, Tychon released the latest set of enhancements for its Tychon Agentless product. This release includes new and improved Master Endpoint Record data and dashboards, as well as Linux endpoint support. 

TYCHON Agentless is a lightweight delivery of TYCHON content designed to gather valuable endpoint information that integrates easily into existing data management resources, like a SIEM, with no new infrastructure. In this newest release, Tychon enhanced its Agentless product to capture the most extensive Master Endpoint Record details on the market today. In addition, Tychon designed out of the box dashboards and security SIEM rules for easy visualizations, response actions, and analytics. TYCHON Agentless allows organizations to normalize and standardize their endpoint data sets regardless of what security or configuration management tools are implemented. 

Tychon agentless