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Apple’s recent announcement of a new Post-Quantum cryptographic protocol highlights the urgency for secure communications in the face of emerging quantum computing threats. While the private sector may have the agility to implement these changes quickly, the federal government faces unique challenges.

The Cryptographic Discovery Conundrum

One of the most significant hurdles in transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptography within federal agencies is the Discovery phase. This involves:

  • Complex Environments: Federal agencies operate vast, interconnected systems with decades of legacy technology. Cryptographic elements may be deeply embedded and challenging to locate.
  • Scale: The sheer size of federal systems means that manual discovery methods are time-consuming, expensive, and prone to error.
  • Constant Change: Systems are fluid, with frequent updates and modifications, leading to an outdated understanding of cryptographic assets.

The inability to identify all instances of cryptography – especially those deemed vulnerable by NIST standards – significantly delays securing federal systems against quantum attacks.

A Software Revolution for Cryptographic Discovery

This is where our company, Tychon, LLC, comes in. Our groundbreaking software tool is revolutionizing the cryptographic discovery process within federal agencies. Here’s how:

  • Ease of Use: TYCHON Quantum Readiness is an intuitive solution that simplifies cryptographic discovery, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical personnel.
  • On-Demand Visibility: TYCHON Quantum Readiness provides real-time cryptographic visibility across federal systems, ensuring agencies always have an up-to-date understanding of their cryptographic landscape.
  • Accelerated Timelines: By automating the discovery process, TYCHON drastically reduces the time required to pinpoint vulnerable cryptography, speeding up the transition to quantum-resistant solutions.
  • Agentless: Agencies are Agent-weary. Agents often imply heavy processes on the endpoints, new databases to manage and skills to navigate. The TYCHON Quantum Readiness solution is agentless and works with the SIEM, EDR and skill sets federal agencies already possess.

The Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Security: Rapidly identify vulnerable cryptographic assets, enabling swift remediation and protection of sensitive federal data.
  2. NIST Compliance: Ensure systems adhere to the latest NIST cryptographic standards, mitigating risks and demonstrating cybersecurity leadership.
  3. Cost Savings and Efficiency: Eliminate time-consuming manual discovery and reduce the need for specialized expertise.

Embrace Agility in the Era of Quantum Threats

In the race against quantum computing risks, our software is a game-changer for federal government agencies. It enables the agility, responsiveness, and cryptographic visibility that are critical to safeguard national security interests.

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Is your agency struggling to achieve comprehensive cryptographic discovery? Contact us today to learn how our software can simplify the process and accelerate your journey to quantum-resistant security.