Delivering Situational Awareness.

TYCHON delivers situational awareness across the enterprise by providing real-time endpoint visibility and the capability to proactively monitor, manage, and validate Cyber Hygiene compliance. TYCHON delivers this through dynamic solutions that allow organizations to validate security settings at the endpoint in real-time and query specific system(s), remediate vulnerabilities, quarantine systems, and more all from a single console. TYCHON’s proactive compliance validation decreases the enterprise attack surface and expands your organization’s defense-in-depth and operational resilience. TYCHON is the pivot from EPP/EDR to enterprise search, hunting, and incident response.


Retrieve intelligence from endpoints at speed and scale. Use natural language questions and PowerShell scripts to query the endpoint. Use interactive dashboards for comprehensive real-time visibility.

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Powerful analytics through dynamic dashboards. Review automated cyber hygiene data via dynamic, customizable dashboards with accurate reporting on cybersecurity posture and executive level view for senior leadership.



Resolve security and compliance issues with a single click. Take advantage of TYCHON custom signatures to flag, notify, and block endpoint activity. Ensure patching compliance, disable unauthorized accounts, quarantine non-compliant systems, and more.

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Continuous monitoring to discover vulnerabilities and compliance violations. Record, index, and actively monitor endpoints in real-time. Review system activity and gather information about process creation, network connections, changes to file creation, and more.


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