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TYCHON’s advanced endpoint and remediation platform enhances operational resiliency by allowing you to manage your system health, reduce vulnerabilities and improve online security with real-time endpoint visibility, proactive monitoring and validation through its Cyber Hygiene Dashboards. Through interactive dashboards, TYCHON decreases your enterprises cyber security risk by allowing organizations to validate security settings at the endpoint in real-time and query specific system(s) to remediate vulnerabilities, add/remove software, quarantine systems, update patches and more all from a single console. TYCHON’s proactive compliance validation expands your organization’s defense-in-depth.

Strong Authentication

Protect high-value assets and degrade an adversary’s ability to access the network by enforcing your organization’s authentication standards.

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Reduce Attack Surface

Mitigate the threat of Internet-based adversaries and reduce external attack vectors by auditing all internal and external web servers to ensure compliance


Device Hardening

Reduce internal and external attacks and prevent an adversary’s ability to escalate privileges by ensuring all assets have proper computer configurations and computer patches are applied.

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Incident Response

Prevent and respond to adversary activity by removing or quarantining Internet facing webservers and systems in violation of policy, hardening settings, and identifying obsolete assets and unauthorized accounts.


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