Our Partners

McAfee Compatible

The TYCHON product suite is fully integrated with the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and is engineered in partnership with the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. All TYCHON products are tested, authorized, and digitally signed by McAfee as “McAfee Compatible.”


TYCHON partners with ECS, a leading information technology provider delivering cloud, cybersecurity, software development, IT modernization, and advanced science and engineering services.


TYCHON partners with SEWP Solutions LLC, a Joint Venture comprised of four small businesses with a mission to provide the DoD and government agencies with access to the widest possible variety of leading edge technologies.


TYCHON leverages Bomgar to lock down users when they are out of compliance with Cyber Scorecard login types.

ForeScout Counteract

TYCHON leverages ForeScout CounterAct to enforce Cyber Scorecard compliance by automatically quarantining/un-quarantining systems when their status changes and the risk is too great for complete exposure.

RSA Archer

RSA Archer helps the DoD guide users through the RMF process and ATO validation.  TYCHON integrates with this system to automate the workflows needed to gather information from the endpoint.  TYCHON also ensures systems reporting Cyber Scorecard data have a valid ATO package and are approved to be on the network.  Furthermore RSA Archer can provide views into Cyber Scorecard reporting metrics being pulled by TYCHON in real-time.


TYCHON leverages Tenable Nessus Scan engine to enrich its Cyber Scorecard data as well as force scans on hosts when their information becomes out of date.  Administrators can utilize custom actions in micro-services to retrieve data or force policy actions to occur.


TYCHON uses ThreatQ to check assets for real-time IOC intelligence as well as assess the impact to the enterprise for critical attacks.  ThreatQ utilizes TYCHON to enrich its datasets with Fuzzy Hashes so to better determine if variants of known attacks exist in the enterprise.