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TYCHON Agentless:

Complete DoD Master Endpoint Record Management

Automated Continuous Monitoring with No New Server Infrastructure or Services

Serverless & Agentless

TYCHON Agentless is a lightweight delivery of our most valuable content designed to feed existing investments in Elastic, Splunk, and Microsoft Azure IL5. TYCHON Agentless delivers STIG, CVE/IAVA, and Endpoint Protection status without adding new server infrastructure or services to your endpoints. TYCHON datasets fully comply with vulnerability and STIG reporting standards and integrate into Comply-to-Connect for instant zero trust value.

DoD Integration

TYCHON Agentless integrates with DoD Comply-to-Connect services and DISA CMRS for seamless decisions. Agentless enables third-party tools and administrators to gain insight without additional configurations, and it can be run conveniently from an IL5/IL6 stack or on-prem/deployed environments.

Vulnerability Management for Elastic

Add Vulnerability Management capabilities to your existing Elastic Stack. Take advantage of your current infrastructure and leverage it to identify attack surface exposures and detect critical vulnerabilities.

Integrated with Existing Investments

TYCHON Agentless deploys through Intune/MCEM and is designed to work with DoD focused investments in Forescout, Elastic, Microsoft, and Splunk for easy install and zero-added maintenance.

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