Take control of your endpoints.

Poor visibility is a problem of the past. Use TYCHON to search, visualize, remediate, and monitor security concerns across all your endpoints within one powerful interface. Decrease your enterprise attack surface and strengthen your operational resilience.




Get your data from the source.

  • Retrieve intelligence from your assets with precision and speed
  • Leverage an embedded search engine for optimized query response
  • Use natural-language questions to query endpoints
  • See results in seconds, not hours
  • Access lifetime data records for every asset


Fine-tune your analysis.

TYCHON includes built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards to help you analyze individual devices or hundreds of thousands at a time. Choose from our pre-built visualizations and tools or design your own.

  • Asset Inventory
  • Application Tracking
  • Patch Status
  • Security Services
  • Vulnerability Status




Take action with a single click.

  • Quarantine non-compliant systems
  • Deploy patches
  • Update registries
  • Delete files
  • Kill processes
  • Disable unauthorized accounts
  • Add or remove software
  • Alter software and OS configurations


Upgrade your situational awareness.

  • Review system activity and gather information about network changes
  • Verify HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and STIG configurations
  • Get alerts on new CVEs
  • Verify patch installs
  • Enforce Comply to Connect


Endpoint management will never be the same.

Our low overhead sensor and innovative mesh model enables instant queries from up to 1 million endpoints at a time.

 sensorgray meshgray  opengray 

Tychon Sensor

Tychon Mesh Model 

Open Architecture 

Monitor thousands of attributes
from every endpoint
Complete targeted searches
in milliseconds
Deploy third-party integrations and
build custom queries

Why TYCHON? We’ll tell you why.

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