Strengthen Endpoint Security.

Our solution enables security analysts to proactively identify suspicious activities, provide a robust anomaly detection and endpoint visibility. When it comes to security, information is key and real-time information is critical for protecting your network. Remove security blind spots on your network by identifying high-risk vulnerabilities and exploits using natural language queries and customizable content. TYCHON offers a comprehensive and integrated solution with automation, taking security to the next level.

Find the Anomaly

Further investigate suspicious results through robust custom scripts, fuzzy hashes, advanced questions, and WMI queries.

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Take Action

Remediate findings after asking the question. Found an unwanted process? Kill the process from within the question results.

Ask the Enterprise

Within TYCHON, easily execute frequently asked questions to obtain a wide range of information.

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Unify the Stack

TYCHON utilizes DXL and other messaging fabrics. Leveraging DXL, TYCHON communicates with other OpenDXL partners and allows for autonomous, rapid, and robust responses taking security operations to the next level. Detected threats can trigger automatic endpoint isolation, remediation, and user notification.

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