The McAfee MPOWER Cyber Security Conference will be held in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino from October 16 to October 18

Fredericksburg, VA  September 20, 2018 — TYCHON, a McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) Partner, is an advanced endpoint management platform that enables commercial and government organizations to bridge the gap between security management and IT operations. TYCHON will be featured and scheduling demos at the McAfee’s MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit.

TYCHON’s advanced endpoint management platform helps address many of the operational and scalability challenges that are routinely faced with protecting enterprise networks by enabling organizations to implement a comprehensive and automated endpoint security solution. On one technology platform that is fully integrated into the McAfee security stack, TYCHON provides organizations with fully integrated:

  • Enterprise Endpoint Visibility (EEV)
  • Systems Management
  • Security Optimization
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Cyber Scorecard (CSC)

TYCHON will be available at MPower’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner pavilion and will also have a suite at the MGM Hotel where they will be holding presentations and demos. If you are interested in scheduling a demo time with the TYCHON team, email  


TYCHON, headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, enables commercial and government organizations to bridge the gap between security and IT operations teams. Founded by former U.S. Department of Defense cybersecurity experts, the TYCHON integrated security optimization and systems management solution was born from their vision to break down organizational security and IT silos. It enables teams to work from a single data set and console with instant access to the answers needed at any time across the enterprise. Arming users with speed, scale, capacity, and performance at previously unattainable levels, TYCHON continuously monitors and records endpoint and server activity for near real-time identification of threats. Using the same solution, users can ask plain-English questions to retire unused or underutilized licenses, consolidate or decommission orphaned servers, identify opportunities for virtualization and reduce maintenance and labor costs. The solution is engineered in partnership with the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. To learn more visit