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TYCHON provides enterprises with a unified and streamlined user experience for asset identification, software inventory, endpoint configuration management, and real-time compliance tracking. Utilize the TYCHON Enterprise Endpoint Management Platform to manage software installations, rapidly deploy security updates, prepare OS system migrations, customize interactive end-user notifications and manage system resource utilization. Our solution provides a complete and real-time view of endpoints across the enterprise, enabling your staff to scale further, improve effectiveness, identify issues, remediate known vulnerabilities, add or remove software, and patch out-of-date software all from a single console.

Asset Visibility through RapidQuery

TYCHON records, indexes, and actively monitors endpoints locally in real-time. Endpoint events and data continuously recorded by TYCHON are completely configurable and include:

  • Running Processes
  • Windows Registry
  • Outlook Email
  • Network Activity
  • Installed Products
  • Startup & Services
  • Kernal Drivers
  • Adapters
  • Files & Hashes
  • Event Logs
  • User/Group Accounts
  • Fuzzy Hash
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Host Based Endpoint Journal

TYCHON has a DVR-like capability for client or server, physical or virtual endpoints that provides an always-on endpoint monitoring, recording, and indexing capability.


Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing (Fuzzy Hash)

TYCHON generates, records, and indexes a fuzzy hash of all files on disk providing comprehensive searching and rapid termination for variants of IOCs and vulnerabilities yet to be discovered.

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TYCHON provides a proactive vulnerability mitigation platform that alleviates risk by informing users with an actionable dashboard of the wellness of the enterprise.


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