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Patch Management:

Reduce your attack surface

your enterprise.

When TYCHON identifies systems as vulnerable, TYCHON can deploy patches to endpoints to mitigate the vulnerability. TYCHON uses a three-stage approach to patch management, providing corrective options and ensuring that only systems that need a patch receive it. Stage 1 is Validation. During Validation, TYCHON determines if a system is unpatched or applicable to a vulnerability. Stage 2 is Deployment and Installation, whereby patch binaries or workarounds are customized to fit the specific needs of each customer and automatically deployed based on the results of the vulnerability check. Finally, Stage 3 is Rollback, where, if problems arise from the binary installation or workaround deployed, they can be reversed/uninstalled.

Detect & Deploy

Utilize Vulnerability Management to detect system vulnerabilities and deploy patches.

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Validate & Enforce

Ensure patch compliance and remediate issues when discovered.


Customize & Rollback

Take advantage of feature flexibility to configure your patch solution to meet the needs of variable requirements including the option to roll back patches if necessary.

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Proactively Manage

Identify vulnerabilities and deploy patches within a single managed interface and use the scheduling feature to maintain compliance  throughout your enterprise.


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