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Tychon Delivers Comprehensive, Automated, Endpoint Security Solution to Eliminate the Classic “IT vs Security” Separation

Fairfax, VA — November 1, 2016 — Tychon, a company dedicated to unifying security and IT operations, today announced its formal launch and general availability of the Tychon product suite, a best-in-class security optimization and systems management solution built by operators for operators. Tychon empowers operators with instant visibility and control of their endpoints, and eliminates the classic “IT vs. security” separation by transcending silos to drive efficiencies for any organization’s systems management and security teams.

Founded by former Cyber Defense Operators in the DoD responsible for incident response and defensive cyber operations, Tychon helps address many of the operational and scalability challenges that are routinely faced with protecting enterprise networks. Currently, there is a gap in the ability to rapidly perform event diagnosis and respond at scale across a global enterprise. Operators are also often challenged by having to switch between multiple disjointed solutions to determine the state of the enterprise networks. Tychon was created to close that gap and provide operators with a single console that provides integrated systems management and security optimization. Users can remediate known vulnerabilities, patch out of date software in a single click, save money by retiring underutilized assets and bridge the gap between security and IT operations teams by putting them on a single console.

In an environment beset by constant cyber-attacks, network breaches and insider threats, the need to fill the gap between systems management and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to a single console is more important than ever. In order to establish network hygiene amplified by a strong security posture, both groups need to operate in unity and uniformity, thus allowing their tools to better address occurring incidents.

“We are redefining what security means to an organization and are paying attention to the ways IT teams are changing in organizations large and small. Security and operations are no longer separate. Security starts with all teams working from the same data set and the sane console with instant access to the answers they need at any time across the enterprise. Our mission is to fortify enterprises with ever evolving technology that provides visibility into the network for any division, from any angle. We also believe in providing solutions that remove conventional security obstacles to accelerate and enhance endpoint incident detection and response,” said Travis Rosiek, Chief Technology Officer at Tychon.

Tychon’s single console platform provides a complete view of an incident, present or past, including its cause and the ability to trace network propagation. Tychon also empowers organizations to remediate known vulnerabilities and patch out-of-date software in a single click. This is the first, and only, solution to leverage a fuzzy hashing algorithm to index all files allowing more effective use of indicators of compromise (IOCs) to identify polymorphic and other unknown variants of malware. By matching on partial fragments of files, fuzzy hashing allows Tychon operators to search enterprise-wide for sensitive documents and data leakage incidents. Built to easily deploy across diverse IT infrastructures and alongside existing defenses, the Tychon product suite is built to safely execute against advanced cyber and malware attacks with zero impact on IT assets.

Additionally, Tychon can overcome one of the largest compliance-related issues facing CIOs today: shadow IT, or a threat caused by the use of unseen third-party solutions – including hardware devices and software applications. Tychon can detect every application and device running on a network at any given time, on what systems, and can block or uninstall all non-compliant third party applications.

The Tychon product suite is fully integrated with the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and is engineered in partnership with the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance.

About Tychon

Tychon, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, enables commercial and government organizations to bridge the gap between security and IT operations teams. Founded by former U.S. Department of Defense cybersecurity experts, the Tychon integrated security optimization and systems management solution was born from their vision to break down organizational security and IT silos. It enables teams to work from a single data set and console with instant access to the answers needed at any time across the enterprise. Arming users with speed, scale, capacity and performance at previously unattainable levels, Tychon continuously monitors and records endpoint and server activity for near real-time identification of threats. Using the same solution, users can ask plain-English questions to retire unused or underutilized licenses, consolidate or decommission orphaned servers, identify opportunities for virtualization and reduce maintenance and labor costs. The solution is engineered in partnership with the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. To learn more visit