Compliance Validation

TYCHON’s Enterprise Endpoint Management Platform delivers situational awareness across the enterprise by providing real-time endpoint visibility and the capability to proactively monitor, manage, and validate Cyber Hygiene compliance.

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Under utilized systems cost you 42% more — regain control and lower your total cost with effective systems management.

[Source: Gartner 2016]

In 2016, 90% of devices across an organization contained known software vulnerabilities that have gone undetected and unresolved.

[Source: 2016 Cisco Mid Year Report]

Configuration Management

TYCHON provides enterprises with a streamlined user experience for asset identification, software inventory, endpoint configuration management, real-time compliance tracking, managing software installations, rapidly deploying security updates, preparing OS system migrations, interactive end user notifications, and system resource utilization.

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Cyber Hygiene

TYCHON’s Enterprise Endpoint Management Platform enhances operational resiliency by allowing you to manage your system health, reduce vulnerabilities and improve online security with real-time endpoint visibility, proactive monitoring and validation through its Automated DoD Cyber Hygiene Scorecard.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Our EDR solution enables security analysts to proactively identify suspicious activities, provide a robust anomaly detection and endpoint visibility. When it comes to security, information is key and real-time information is critical for protecting your network. Remove security blind spots on your network by identifying high-risk vulnerabilities and exploits using natural language queries and customizable content. TYCHON, with McAfee’s Security Suite®, offers a comprehensive and integrated EDR solution with automation which takes your security to the next level.

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Enterprise Endpoint Visibility

Our EEV solution is essential to eliminate blind spots, expose risks, and protect your network. TYCHON addresses the challenge facing most enterprises to get this visibility in real-time while balancing reliable, relevant data with a scalable architecture. The TYCHON solution meets this need with the ability to see, manage, and secure every endpoint across the enterprise achieving complete visibility in a multitude of operating environments, with near real-time access to endpoint data and granular control of what information is important to you. With a comprehensive list of top questions to ask your enterprise, the ability to quickly see potential areas of risk and take action is easier than ever. Paired with TYCHON’s other features; custom queries and scripts, endpoint journaling, and interactive dashboards, the TYCHON platform provides robust endpoint situational awareness with rapid response.

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Security Optimization

TYCHON secures enterprises with a powerful customizable tool suite for advanced persistent threats (APT) and polymorphic-malware hunting, asset identification, file discovery, root cause analysis, and system forensics. Arming you with speed, scale, capacity, and performance at previously unattainable levels, TYCHON continuously monitors and records client and server endpoint activity for near real-time identification of threats. These tools provide a complete view of an incident (present or past), its cause, and the ability to trace network propagation, all from a single console.

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