in low bandwidth.

Tactical TYCHON (tTYCHON) is a derivative implementation of TYCHON specifically developed for deployed forces and enables the HBSS/ESS infrastructure to operate in low, limited, or no bandwidth environments. It provides users with access to TYCHON’s dynamic endpoint management and intelligence platform, enabling real-time endpoint visibility across the enterprise, customizable real-time data feeds, a fully automated DoD Cyber Scorecard, and a flexible asset management query and response tool.

Deployable Incident Response

Use tTYCHON to leverage HBSS/ESS and allow for data reduction and threat automation for deployed afloat assets – ships at seas – and land-based forces deployed.

Reduce the Number & Size of Events

Use tTYCHON to reduce the number of events returning to ePO Server by prioritizing and transmitting data that matches certain criteria. Use tTYCHON to reduce the overall size of event data by remove non-essential data from the data sets that get inserted into ePO Server under normal operating conditions.


Forensics with Constrained Bandwidth

Use tTYCHON to launch agent level tasks to deployed assets and additionally perform forensics and response actions through command line interface over constrained bandwidth.

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Historical Tracking

tTYCHON retains all historical data and exports this data to the ePO server at a later date for further analysis, forensics, and historical reference.


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