Interactive Dashboards.

TYCHON offers interactive dashboards, which display enterprise metrics with data export capabilities. This feature, known as TYCHON Cyber Scorecard (CSC), provides up-to-date situational awareness of risks to the network. CSC delivers instant visibility of critical cyber security policy violations. It encompasses vital security areas such as software patches, system compliance, user logon statistics, and more. This centralized view of critical information enables operators to monitor endpoint compliance in near real-time.


The TYCHON Cyber Scorecard feature is made up of seven individual dashboards, each with their own interactive graphs and statistics.

  • Web Server PKI
  • User Logon
  • HBSS Services
  • STIG Compliance
  • Windows Patches
  • Linux/OSX Updates
  • System Compliance

In addition, TYCHON offers a Cyber Scorecard Summary page which provides a rollup view of the top ten performance metrics on one screen.

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