• Gain insight and visibility of your cloud resources and spend from an enterprise data view across all cloud platforms.
  • Translate this knowledge to enable deeper understanding and better decisions.
  • Leverage this intelligence to provide tighter measurement of governance policies and compliance to standards.

What is it?

  • Real-time multi CSP metrics, usages, and billing data accessed in a centralized management portal dashboard.
  • On-demand reporting, emails, and alerts to identify daily spend, spending trends, and anomalies.
  • Detailed billing reports, cost analysis functions, usage metrics, and ad-hoc business intelligence queries with real-time billing data.
  • Data export functions for easy use with any business intelligence service.
  • Fully compliant for physical, sensory, or cognitive disability use.

Real-Time Metrics

Unify your native AWS and/or Azure data to develop your optimal cloud governance solution across multiple CSPs. This tool interacts with the APIs of various IaaS providers and uses connectors to interact with each CSP. Gather usage and billing data for your entire cloud footprint in a centralized, Section 508 compliant management portal dashboard and keep your cloud resources in check.

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Aggregate Enterprise Data

Gain visibility across multiple AWS, Azure, Google, private, and hybrid cloud accounts and identify your cost allocation at an aggregated level. A dashboard that allows you a digestible look at finite resources at an enterprise level allows you to consider lifecycle management of cloud resources for cost optimization. Use the tag management for granular billing and chargeback to accurately allocate costs to specific applications and/or business units.

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On-Demand Results

Use your existing AWS services to develop advanced reporting, emails, and alerts to help you identify daily spend, spending trends, and anomalies. Couple that with the cost analysis functions and ad-hoc business intelligence queries built into the tool, and you have real-time billing data at your fingertips. Work across multiple CSPs with an on-demand, standardized approach to provisioning.

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