Combine TYCHON with your McAfee product suite to access all of the following product features and maximize your return on investment.

Automated CIO Cyber Scorecard X
Account Auditing/Resolution X
Logon Type Validation X
ESM Compressive Scorecard X X
Advanced and Zero-Day Threat Detection X
Live Response & Recovery X X
In-depth static code and dynamic analysis of malware X
Original (Source) executable code analysis reporting X
Code Reverse Engineering, behavior analysis X
IOC / STIX Translation & Detection X
Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation X
Incident Response X
Configuration Compliance X
Patch Management X
Asset Inventory X X
Software Distribution X X
Asset Utilization X
Near Real-Time Communications X
Continuous Endpoint Recording X
Endpoint journaling for historical analysis X
Audit and Risk Management X
Automatic Polymorphic Threat Protection X
Application Communication Whitelisting X
Fuzzy Hash Generation and Historical Capture X
First Response Forensics X
“Ask a question” natural language interface X
Supports Full Regular Expression X
End-User Communication Platform X
Dynamic Information Sensitivity Desktop Labeling X
Offline Monitoring and Protection X X
Advanced Signature Authoring Wizard and Object Reuse X
Script Execution X
Email Discovery X
McAfee ePO/DXL/Open DXL integration X X
Intelligence sharing across endpoints, gateway, cloud X X
FIPS 140-2 Compliant Encryption (In-Transit and At-Rest) X X
User Environment Interrogation X
Application Whitelisting X
Real Time Dashboards X
Auto Quarantine X
Data Loss Prevention X
Dynamic Application Containment X
Machine Learning for Advanced Malware Detection X
Native Memory Protection X
NIST Validated SCAP Compliant X
Linux and OSx support X X