Complete customization.
Polymorphic malware detection.
Fully-indexed record of each endpoint.

Secure your enterprise with continuous monitoring and reduce the time from breach—to discovery—to incident response from days or weeks to minutes and seconds with the Tychon endpoint management platform.

Ask a question.

Tychon’s Rapid Query allows you to ask your questions and get answers from your enterprise in seconds without slowing down your network. Get proactive and continuously monitor your enterprise with automated queries. Queries can be simple English text or complex regular expression.

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Act Instantly

When you get your answers, respond instantly. Terminate processes, quarantine endpoints, modify registry settings, manipulate user accounts, or uninstall applications with a single click.

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Rapid Hygiene Assessment

On-demand or task driven assessments offering the capability to baseline your enterprise asset’s hygiene from SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls to industry specific regulations and benchmarks.

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Engage your end user

Using Tychon Communicator, ePO admins can speak directly with end users to notify them of an issue and provide instruction for support or next steps. Physical hosts, VMs, or virtual desktops, Tychon keeps you connected.

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Get secure and organized

Tychon Host Firewall Orchestrator (HFO) will manage your enterprise policy administration and allow for application communication whitelisting. Use our intelligent HIPS utility to simplify enterprise policy administration for your teams and gain event aggregation and correlation.

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